Friday, April 13, 2012

Here Comes the Sun [Son]

I was humming this after my MFM appt today.

I mean, how can you look at this face and not hum a song like that?

And if any of you are wondering, little brother is not so much a show his face kind of guy. We've never seen him full on, as he tends to hide himself with his hands. But, wow, what a cutie. I love his "power to the people" fist, too. A little fighter, I love it!

Just wish they were both with me. 


  1. That last line will always be my wish, too.

  2. Baby Kellan was great about giving us great photos for a while but the last couple of months, his hands have been over his face. I guess they want to surprise us!

  3. What a cutie! "Power to the people" fist...cracking me up!

  4. Love this pic and his fist :) So cute! I wish they were both with you too....I wish that for myself on a daily basis about Aiden and Mason.

  5. what a sweet little face. Loves those cheeks!

    Wishing you could have them both too.