Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adios Sonoline B

The fetal doppler has peace'd out.

I can't say I'm surprised. I've been using that thing roughly 3-5 (10? I have had a couple of those days) times per day since December. Now when I put it on my belly, it emits a lovely whining noise and the screen tends to go blank.

Last night, I was checking little guy's heartbeat with it and it told me it was 112. Before I had a coronary and told my husband we needed to go to L&D, I decided to test it on my own heartbeat. So I put it up over my own heartbeat. 135.

Ok. Time to let this one go.

Sweet hubby has already ordered fetal doppler #2, to be shipped overnight to us. He had no choice, as I was starting to go into hyperventilation mode thinking of the next 6 weeks without my doppler.

Don't judge.


  1. Is that the equivalent of used and abused? :)

    I just got mine last week. I think it gives ne as much relief as it dies anxiety. Not the most accurate sucker on the planet but it's better than nothing. Which one did u order this time?

  2. Not accurate, but it gives you the thumps that I needed so desperately. No judging here! I was very happy to own one myself... And will be ever so devoted if/when I get pregnant again. Lord help us all. To think once you birth this boy... You might do it again? Agh, right?

  3. No judging- whatever gets you through. Sending lots of love your way mama!