Thursday, March 15, 2012


Tonight I fed my unborn child McDonald's for dinner.

Yes, I am ashamed of this.

Earlier I was running errands for Georgiana's memorial service and brunch, which we're having Saturday morning.

I ran to drop off the programs at Kinko's. Here's how the conversation went.

Lady behind the register: "Ok, so you need 50 of these?"
Me: "Yes."
Lady: "Can you pick them up tomorrow?"
Me: "Sure."
Lady: (upon opening the file I brought on my zip disk) "Oh! What a cute baby shower invitation."
Me: "It's service program."
Lady: "Oh...sorry."

(cue awkward silence)
(cue exasperated sigh as I walked to the car)

One hour later while still running errands, Kinko's lady calls me.

Lady: "Ma'am, I just wanted to let you know I found a typo on the program."
Me: "Oh, ok, what is it?"
Lady: "It says here 'Born March 21, Died March 20.' I think the dates are switched"
Me: "No, that's actually correct."
Lady: [cue awkward silence] "Oh."
Me: "Thanks for calling. I'll pick them up tomorrow."

[cue flinging phone across the room]

Ok I didn't actually throw the phone, but in my mind that's what happened. At that point, I decided to get McDonald's. And as I ate salty french fries and a Quarter Pounder, I felt a little better, if slightly ashamed.

And when I got in bed tonight, I felt a little more better as I cried over my second baby dancing around in my swollen belly.


  1. Wow. Wow. McDonald's was in order here. A bottle of wine would have been in order had you not been pregnant. Yeah, people don't realize it's possible for a baby to die before they are born. Why? Because its just freaking wrong.

  2. Oh, hell. What a day. At the very least, I believe that you helped someone else in the future who will have to deal with that Kinko's lady.

    I'd love to see the memorial announcements if you choose to post or share them.

  3. Oh that is awful a so so hard. I'm glad you were able to eat at all mcdondals or other. Sending love.

  4. I'd also love to see the announcements. I'm sorry people are so ignorant. Lucky them. :/

  5. Oh man. I'm sorry. Days like that are hard. I wish it was a typo. I wish it was a mistake and that Georgie was here with you :(